Using Gmail SMTP Server to send Email in Laravel

At times the simplest things are the most complicated. Here I would be making the very first attempt to further simplify the simpler things . So lets get started :
I would divide this implementation into 2 parts :
Creating / Using an existing Gmail account to create app passwords.
Adding the Gmail account details to the Laravel Application.
Creating / Using an existing Gmail account to create app password:
I would be using my existing Gmail account , but in case if you wish to create a new account , you can do so using this Link
Next we need to enable 2 step Verification in Gmail as follows:
Login into Gmail .
To be able to create app passwords we need to first enable 2 Step Verification .
Click on the user icon and select “Google Account” .
Next we need to select Security from the left nav , then select “2 Step Verification” . (Doing this would ask you to login again and then Gmail would authenticate you further using OTP )

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Now we generate the app password that we would be using in the Laravel Application , again clicking on the Google Account in the user icon ->Security ->App Passwords . (This would again ask you to login and then authenticate using OTP)
We need to select “Mail” as the app and “Other (Custom name)” as the device from the drop downs .

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Selecting this would ask you to add the name of the Application for which you wish to generate the password and once added click GENERATE.

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This would open a pop up with your 16 character app password . (Kindly copy this and keep it safe).
We are all set to add these detail’s to the Application.

  • Adding Gmail Account detail’s to the Laravel Application:
    We need to edit the following in the .env file




    There is no need for us to make any change in the config/mail.php file , since it would pick the values from the .env file.
    That’s it folks , we are good to go .
    Please get in touch in case of any queries …

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